The Rieger Group is a home-grown solutions provider in the Plant Hire, Civil Contracting, Fencing and Mining sectors in the Border region of the Eastern Cape. As such, it shares a rich legacy within its local communities where people know and trust it as a proven pioneer and leader.

The Company is a Level-3 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment contributor.



Rieger Hire began with two pieces of plant 23 years ago by founder Mr. Garry Rieger. Today, its fleet includes over 100 vehicles and heavy construction machines.


Vaduba Investments Civils division embodies the ethos of the Rieger Group to the uttermost. The division thrives due to its level of competence & service delivery track record.


This division of Riegers Contractors shows the mettle, so to speak, of the Rieger Group. A true Riegers entity, our fencing and steelworks division majors in the provision of world-class palisade…


As a licensed miner that upholds the spirit and ethics of the Rieger Group, Riegers Mining owns and mines opencast dolerite and G-material quarries in the Border region. Mining rights are…




We have learned that success unshared is no success at all. With every added success, the Rieger Group has taken intentional steps to expand its value-adding operation – not only to grow profits and strengthen its own viability but to increase its benefit to the local economy through sustainable job creation, skills development, and real-world economic transformation. In this way, we celebrate and strengthen the community of which we are an active part.

There are no words, however eloquent, to replace the experience of genuine reliability in business. We have discovered the power of keeping our word, putting action to our promises and sticking to our agreements. It’s that simple. We hold ourselves to the unswerving commitment, to live up to the reputation of reliability that we have worked diligently to foster over a period of four decades.

We see the quality of our services as our signature. We leave our signature of quality on every deal we conclude, every cubic meter we mine, every vehicle or piece of plant we hire, on every structure we erect and on every pipeline we lay. This signature is visible and tangible and takes the form of a satisfied customer who continues to use our services. We are satisfied with nothing less.

The solid quality we deliver is realized through a well-coordinated, diligent, professional team. Our best-of-breed expertise and obsessive attention to detail are what defines us. We cut no corners, and do not allow anything that would compromise the standard that has become a protected attribute of the Rieger service delivery process.

There are too many companies that see their 40-year legacy as something upon which to pride themselves. At Rieger Group, we turn the equation around and boast rather in the loyalty of our clients who, in response to our best efforts to partner with them, have stayed the course with our Company. We take this personally, because there is no obligation on a customer to stay – they’ve stayed because they choose to stay.

We’ve held our customers close by providing an objective, loyal and open-minded connection with all of them. And here’s the thing – we will never boast in our honesty or integrity, because they should be a given for any business. Without honesty, we would have no business.

So, in essence, we give the credit for our 40-year reputation to our customers. Period.

The Rieger name has always been synonymous with enterprise. The spirit of entrepreneurship is what keeps us in the race, and energetically so. We despise laziness because the opportunity of today is here for today only, and time doesn’t wait for anyone. Life and business are for the living, so we work hard, play hard, and recharge well so that tomorrow is always better than today.

At Rieger Group, we are always in pursuit of that greatly envied first-mover advantage. As a result, we stay abreast of current trends in our industry, and invest considerably in ensuring that we remain on the cutting edge so that customers receive the best from us.


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